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AI based backends.
With the release of ChatGPT in Nov 2022, there is now a revolution happening in the capabilities of a chatbot backends. Conversational context and coherent text construction are now finally possible. Your own datasets can also be learned (as an add-in) by your instance of the system. This is now Makebots recommended backend to producing your own system. Shortly with a few clicks you'll be able to create you own personalised chat instance which uses the power of chatgpt as the back end, but only answering questions specific to your business.
Text and Voice First Bots.
We build bespoke text & voice first bots for all types of businesses involving the latest technologies in this fast changing area. The latest features For voice we are supporting are monetisation via in-skill purchasing, rich graphics for voice devices with screens, and user defined notifications.

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All Major Assistant Platforms supported

At Makebots we're experts on designing and building Voice First and Text Based user interfaces from simple small applications to fully functional conversational interfaces. We build for off-the-shelf consumers interfaces, so our software works with Amazon Echo (including the Show and Spot screen interfaces) and Google Assistant devices. In addition we have a system of pairing Voice accounts with other services such as phone SMS and/or Facebook Messenger to enable flexible and extensible products

We currently recommend OpenAI's GPT4 to provide the backend API for coherent text generation. This backend can be customised with your own business use cases and even teach the backend your business context and conversational data. Conversational context is important to provide the users with a coherent conversation and we enhance the user experience with our own software tools in this area. Longer term other similar backends will become available from other companies and we will provide options to use these as they become available. Clearly use of such backends can be a privacy and business security concern and we will always offer the best option for your business requirements.

We recommend either website integration and/or Facebook Messenger for text based Assistants and Amazon Echo Skills (Amazon's name for AI Assistants) for Voice based AI Assistants. We also support Google Assistant Conversational Actions(Google's name for apps on Google Assistant).

AI Assistants can provide Customer Support and Loyalty features

  • Monetisation of a Skill using in-skill purchasing
  • Rich graphics for voice devices with screens
  • User defined notifications
  • Can link to your existing information resources to supply valid responses
  • Our solution using RSS feeds is unique in that we use a Voice First Choiceless computing VUI approach (see our Elf series of skills)
  • Can integrate with existing systems in a modular way
  • Deal with handover from bot/human agent - schedule your bot hours of work just like your agents
  • Agents freed from desk can work anywhere anytime from phone
  • Experts in latest AI techniques - machine learning or alerting of on unsuccessful replies
  • We build bespoke Context flows to navigate user through your required options
  • Send Messages to all your customers or direct messages to individuals
  • Provide updatable news and information on your business
  • Implementation of FAQs as automatic answers to questions for customer support
  • Optionally allow a purchase within the message thread
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Text & Voice First Bots

We build bespoke text and voice bots for all types of businesses involving the latest technologies in this fast changing area. The latest features we are supporting are monetisation via in-skill purchasing, user defined notifications and rich graphics for voice devices with screens. We are also creating a Text and Voice Marketplace so that eventually anyone can create their own Conversational Bots and sell them to the public. The creation process just involves an expert talking to our training bot pretending to be a customer but saying the correct answer when the Bot does not have a reply. In this way the expert builds their Bot using just their voice (no complicated diagrams on a PC) After the expert is happy with their bot they request it to be released to the public. We're currently searching for a small number of experts to take part in the process during a closed beta - if you want to be involved in a world first to this exciting new approach please contact us through the contact form.

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Our Prices

Bespoke AI Assistant

Our preferred business model is SaaS (ie we host the system and you rent it from us) and if your product has the possibility of generating income, the ideal solution for your business and ours is revenue share (ie RS-SaaS). So, dependent on your product it is possible to have minimal up-front development cost and zero net license and running costs, if your product generates sufficient revenue. We want the solution to be win-win for both our organisations.

Contact us for a quote for your particular requirements.

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We've been working on AI Assistants and Mobile App building technologies since 2005. In so doing we've learnt a lot and built up a technology expertise greater than most companies in the space.

We also have experience of developing beautiful User Interfaces for smartphones. In 2005 our founder designed and built the world's first Flash based UI app for the BBC, ITV and some of the top UK magazines. This service won awards for its beautiful UI. Flash is no longer a usuable technology on phones, but we've been working on to provide similar highly graphical UIs for the last few years. We use this technology beautiful native gesture based UIs. Our founder has also founded startups that ran services for major companies such as Nokia and Vodafone. For Vodafone the service ran for 4 million MAUs in 12 different countries and had an availability considerably higher than their own infra-structure.

Real AI Assistant Experience with major name Companies

We have built AI text and voice assistants for a large European business which can even talk in multiple languages for Facebook Messenger (Amazon Echo and Google Assistant supports both English and German). For commercial reasons we are unable to provide any more information about this work, but we have also built a several Bots whose videos are below. "When's My Tube" is available on Facebook Messenger , on Amazon Echo and on Google Home (not yet released)

We have create a number of Amazon Echo skills. The best ones are shown below in user experience demo videos. Our latest skill for Feb 2020, will appear in the white space below - its called "Better Timer" - the most popular function on Alexa is the Amazon's Timer. Better Timer does everything Amazon's Timer does but much much more. Better Timer and our Dec 2019 release called Birthday Alerts use user defined notifications functionality. In summer 2019 we released "When is my Flight" uses two new features only recently made available by Amazon. These are 1) APL - a graphics language for create better UIs for Echo devices with screens and 2) ISP - this is "in-skill purchasing" which enables the monetisation of an Alexa skill.

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Got any questions? You may want a quote for a bespoke AI Assistant

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