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Need help and advice on what you can do with Bots and where you should deploy them. We have consultants available who can give real advice and even build something for you which you can configure.

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All Major Bot Platforms supported

We make Bots for businesses. There are now excellent free bots platforms that support all the major bot platforms and we know the ins and outs of building bots quickly and cost effectively for your businesses. We recommend Facebook Messenger for text based Bots and Google Assistant Conversational Actions(Google's name for Bots) and Amazon Echo Skills (Amazon's name for Bots) for Voice based bots.

Bots can provide Customer Support and Loyalty features

  • Can link to your existing information resources to supply valid responses
  • Can integrate with existing systems in a modular way
  • Deal with handover from bot/human agent - schedule your bot hours of work just like your agents
  • Agents freed from desk can work anywhere anytime from phone
  • Experts in latest AI techniques - machine learning or alerting of on unsuccessful replies
  • We build bespoke Context flows to navigate user through your required options
  • Send Messages to all your customers or direct messages to individuals
  • Provide updatable news and information on your business
  • Implementation of FAQs as automatic answers to questions for customer support
  • Optionally allow a purchase within the message thread
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Conscious AI Bots

You may already have a bot so why do you need to change it? Many existing bot systems use a technique called Retrieval Based AI - this is simply pre-canned responses to common questions. In this case learning is manual in that an agent will spot deficiencies in the replies or need for new replies and modify or create new responses. Meanwhile AI with real machine learning (AI with ML) is exploding in its capabilities. However, these systems are flexible but immature - very much like a young child they could say the wrong thing but they could also come up with a good answer you had not even thought of.

So mixing AI/ML with Bots can produce unpredictable results. We have created an architecture which creates a predictable and brand safe AI system with Machine learning and a roadmap that keeps you up to date as the technology improves. We use the concept of having a conscious layer of software modelling the user interaction and make choices between multiple inputs from the AI layer. It can also integrate with your existing retrieval based system, thus minimising the disruption to current working. Long term this approach modularises your AI capabilities allowing you to swap out capabilities such as Ticketing, LiveChat, reporting if and when it suits the business.

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Our Prices

Bespoke AI Bot

The world of AI is changing fast but jumping on every new band wagon can be disruptive, if not dangerous. Our approach modularises your AI capabilities and allows the integration or swapping out of capabilities. Things like Livechat, ticketing, social channel management, reporting, machine learning and bot/agent handover can all be hosted by us or by your existing supplier. Also the big name companies such as Google have got involved and are offering cross platform Bot building tools for free. We would recommend that your solution is built on top of such tools - this protects you from the massive change on its way and enables you to move quickly to future functionality. We have experience of all the tools and believe this is the right approach to future proof your solution.

Adding us as an additional supplier does not mean it will cost you more overall - we can identify savings for you and long term we can move you to a far cheaper, modern and flexible system which uses the latest AI techniques and the most popular user interfaces. And beaware we're integrating with the latest AI technologies such as Amazon Echo, Google Assistant and Facebook Messenger bots - we believe these technologies will become dominant in the future and we're all going to ride on a new fast moving technological wave.

Contact us for a quote for your particular requirements.

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About Us


We've been working on Bots and Mobile App building technologies since 2005. In so doing we've learnt a lot and built up a technology expertise greater than most companies in the space.

We also have experience of developing beautiful User Interfaces for smartphones. In 2005 our founder designed and built the world's first Flash based UI app for the BBC, ITV and some of the top UK magazines. This service won awards for its beautiful UI. Flash is no longer a usuable technology on phones, but we've been working on to provide similar highly graphical UIs for the last few years. We use this technology beautiful native gesture based UIs. Our founder has also founded startups that ran services for major companies such as Nokia and Vodafone. For Vodafone the service ran for 4 million MAUs in 12 different countries and had an availability considerably higher than their own infra-structure.

Real Bot Experience with major name Companies

We are currently building bots for a large European business which can even talk in multiple languages for Facebook Messenger (Amazon Echo supports English and German and Google Assistant support English but French and German will be available soon). For commercial reasons we are unable to provide any more information about this work, but we have also built a Bot called "When's My Train" available on Facebook Messenger , on Amazon Echo and on Google Home (not yet released)

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